Hardwood Lumber Cuts, Charlotte, NC

We offer top-quality flooring from a variety hardwood lumber cuts.

Hardwood flooring is one of the best flooring options for any home in Charlotte, North Carolina. It provides a beautiful, natural finish to a home while maintaining durability and efficiency. The beauty of hardwood flooring starts with the cut of the wood. There are a variety of lumber cuts that influence the variety, look, and price of hardwood flooring. Each cut can provide a different look and feel in the wood and, ultimately, in your home.

Hardwood Lumber Cuts in Charlotte, North Carolina

Types of Hardwood Lumber Cuts

Lumber is cut in a variety of ways to emphasize different elements of the wood. Cuts also produce different amounts of waste as the wood is saved or discarded for different uses. Common hardwood lumber cuts available in Charlotte include quarter sawn, rift sawn, and plain sawn. These cuts emphasize different elements of the wood.

  • Quarter Sawn: Quarter sawn wood means that the trunk of the tree was first quartered in order to cut the wood planks. This type of cut results in a tightly grained wood pattern, as well as narrower, more expensive planks for wood flooring.
  • Rift Sawn: The rift sawn cut is the most expensive wood cut, as it is difficult to cut the wood at the ideal 45-degree angle looked for in rift sawn wood. It also results in the most waste. Once cut, it provides a straight-grain pattern in each plank.
  • Plain Sawn: The most common is the plain sawn or flat sawn cut. This wide-grain wood is frequently used in hardwood flooring. It also results in the least waste and widest planks.

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